2017 CABA High School Student Research Award / 2017 CABA高中生科研奖

May 20, 2017



1. 获奖证书

2. CABA终身会员

3. 经导师同意,在CABA杂志CABA Connect上发表研究成果

4. CABA或赞助企业提供的奖学金


1. 高中 9-12年级学生 (限大波士顿和大休斯顿地区-CABA总部和分会所在地,获奖人必须能够参加在此两城市之一的颁奖仪式)

2. Unweighted GPA 不少于 3.5 

3. 在生命科学,生物医药相关方面作了至少5星期的科研

4. 由科研导师或CABA会员提名

5. 一人一年只能申请一次




CABA High School Student Research Award


Purposes of the Award Program

The CABA High School Research Award is a Chinese-American Biomedical Association (CABA) program that encourages young students to develop and retain an interest in biomedical research and the life sciences. This award recognizes the accomplishments and efforts of eligible students in research and science programs through the CABA network. 

What Is Included in the Award? 

Certificate of recognition of excellence in biomedical and life science research

Lifetime CABA membership 

Publication of research report in CABA Connect (at research supervisor’s discretion)

Monetary award will be shared by the recipients, which is provided by CABA and/or pharmaceutical/biotech companies 

Nomination/Application Criteria: 

High school student in grade 9 through 12 in the Greater Boston or the Greater Houston area (where CABA Headquarter and CABA Texas Chapter locate, applicant must be able to make commitment to attend the award ceremony held in either of the above cities)

Unweighted GPA of 3.5 or greater   

Conducted a minimum of 5 weeks of research in a biomedical or life science-related field  

Nominated by their research supervisor or a CABA member   

Only one application may be submitted per application cycle for each student

Note: no ethnic background requirement

Submission Deadline  

The applicants must submit the completed application form by the deadline, which will be announced each year on CABA’s website and at major CABA events. Generally, the application deadline will be set around the start of the fall semester. Please note that nominators should complete the recommendation form. This year the deadline will be September 15, 2017.  

Review Panel

The Review Panel will consist of five members from the CABA Executive Committee or Board of Directors and at least one professor in the field of pharmaceutical science. To avoid a conflict of interest, the applicants’ supervisor and parents are not allowed to be on the Review Panel.  

Review Process

After the application deadline, the Review Panel will review and score applications based on the following criteria:

Originality and significance of the main idea of the research to the field and creativity in research methods (25 points)

Contribution of the applicant to the main idea (25 points)

Contribution of the applicant to the design of experiments (25 points)

Contribution of the applicant to completion of the research (25 points)

The top students with the highest scores will be selected as winners of the award.

Award Announcement

The recipient(s) of the CABA High School Student Research Award will be announced at major CABA events. This year, the award will be announced at CABA’s 2017 BIOMEDICAL INVESTMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP SYMPOSIUM on Saturday, September 30th.


Contact information

Susan Qu, PhD, Program Chair

Email: Susan.qu@cabaweb.orgSusanqu@gmail.com

CABA website: http://www.cabaweb.org/