Eric Shi

I am working on platform technologies at GlaxoSmithKline Boston site as an investigator and team leader to support drug discovery. Prior to my work at GlaxoSmithKline, I was a senior research scientist in the Analytical & Biophysical department at Aileron Therapeutics, where I was working on peptide drug discovery and development. Before I worked in pharmaceutical industry, I was a postdoc at Harvard, where I contributed to the development of a new technique using mass spectrometry and fluorescence measurements to study the conformation of peptides and proteins. Prior to my work at Harvard, I co-led the application and development of a new MS technique for biomolecular complex binding assays when I was a postdoc at RIKEN/YCU in Japan. I graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and my PhD thesis was about ADME/PK study of a new antibiotic drug candidate. So far, I have fifteen years experience in development and application of biophysical and analytical technologies in academia and pharmaceutical industry and published more than 20 scientific papers and book chapters and won international awards.