Wei Zhang

Dr. Wei Zhang is staff scientist in Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics which was previously known as Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics. He has over 20 years of innovative experience in medical devices including IVD, critical care and lab instrumentation products. His strong expertise in chemical-/bio- sensor technologies and microfluidics/MEMS application makes him the key technical lead in several Point of Care Testing (POCT) products. Before Dr. Zhang joined in Siemens (Bayer) in 2006, he worked as senior scientist in Sensicore Inc. which is a General Electric company (2004 to 2006). He led lab-on-a-chip product development and product launch that is used in municipal water monitoring systems. He also worked as senior scientist in Delphi Automotive Group (Tech Center) in 2003 and a startup company of Advanced Sensor Technologies as project manager (2004). During 2000 to 2002, Dr. Zhang did his postdoc fellow work at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in Chemistry and Solid State Electronics focusing on advance chemical and bio- sensor technologies in clinical applications.

Dr. Zhang completed his Ph.D. degree from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) from 1994-1999 in Chemistry and Pharmacy. He also worked for Roche Diagnostics and AVL Medical Instruments during this period. Dr. Zhang got M.S. and B.S. in chemistry from Zhengzhou University. He holds 11 patents and over 40 peer-reviewed papers.