VIVA Biotech Positions

August 30, 2017

Positions: VP/Executive Director in Business Development 



1) Responsible for identifying, developing and executing business opportunities in the pharmaceutical, biotech industries on a global basis to strategically grow the business. 2) By close collaboration with company senior management team, design and develop the company growth strategies including new niche concepts, and service pipeline differentiation. 3) Identify viable short and long term business opportunities and develop plans to convert opportunities into new business, and revenue. 4) Manage contract preparations, cultivate and maintain relationships with new and existing clients, lead negotiations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and other third parties. 5) Present Viva Biotech Ltd. technology and service platform at international or domestic conferences, company meetings, and other public or private events. 6) Develop and retain scientific relationships with leading pharmaceutical/biotech industry leaders.  7) This position is US based, also requires to travel to China frequently.  


1) Successful candidate should have advanced degrees in organic chemistry/biochemistry major, with 10 plus year working experience. preferred. 2) Experiences in BD/sales profession, with proven track record of success in biotech or pharmaceutical business environment. 3) Requires a sound understanding of the market and company dynamics that drive a healthy growth and is able to adapt or change where required. 4) Maintains an extensive established network of personal, scientific and business contacts. 5) Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills  6) Exceptional public speaking skills needed to represent Viva Biotech at external meetings, conferences and organizations.  


Position: VP and Site-head in medicinal chemistry

LocationJiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China 

Job description:  

We are seeking a talented Vice President/Site Head to manage our new facility in Jiaxing, Zhejing Province, China. The Vice President will lead and grow up to a 100+ team of medicinal chemists and other technical professionals with responsibility for setting strategic direction, and determining goals/objectives/priorities for multi-disciplinary team of scientists.  This position will have responsibility for the overall site, creating a culture aligned with other sites, building key technical and leadership capabilities within the team and maintaining a productive, diverse, and engaged workforce, comprised of the best talent.  This position will be a member of the Viva Biotech Ltd. leadership team and directly report to the president of Viva Biotech.   

Additional responsibilities: 

1) Manage multi-chemistry outsourcing teams, and be responsible for team build-up and expansion. 2) Lead and develop chemistry vision, strategic direction and resourcing requirement solutions.  3) Play a central role in scientific leadership and take full accountability on project assessment, execution and delivery. 4) Provide strong medicinal chemistry expertise in drug molecule design, SAR development and lead optimization. 5) Provide clarification, guidance, coaching to enable individuals and teams to meet expectations and continually experience rewarding career growth.   


1) The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry with at least 12-year industry experience. 2) Proven track record in pharmaceuticals or CRO industries and outstanding scientific achievement through publications and patents. 3) In-depth understanding of the drug discovery process. 4) Strong leadership and managerial skills are essential. 5) Excellent oral and written communication skills both in English and Chinese. 


About Viva Biotech Ltd. 

Established in 2008, Zhangjiang, Shanghai, Viva Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd. is a leading innovation-driven technology platform company which is dedicated to support clients pre-clinic drug discovery. Viva Biotech has been well known for its world class technologies in protein science, structure based drug design (SBDD), fragment based drug design (FBDD), affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS) screening technology, and membrane protein targeted drug discovery.  As the customer-focused CRO company, Viva Biotech offers comprehensive drug discovery services in target validation, hit identification, high level medicinal chemistry service for lead discovery, in vitro bioassay, as well as therapeutic antibody discovery.  Over the years, Viva has built its world top brand and largest operation in protein production and structural biology that earned the company great reputation in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  The company not only provides services to eight of world top ten pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of biotech companies, is also committed to build the strategic partnership with many start-up biotech companies. 

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