Product Manager (Full-time) at AcroBiosystem

October 12, 2017

Job Location: Beijing, China

Essential Position Responsibilities:  

1.      Be part of the team developing and implementing overall marketing strategy and product development plan.

2.      Work with the sales and marketing teams to develop GTM strategy and draft marketing materials.

3.      Work with the sales and marketing teams to develop new business opportunities.

4.      Work with the R&D/production departments to help implement product design, R&D, and QC solutions.

5.      Provide technical support to the customers.

6.      Work with other relevant departments to achieve the overall sales goal of the company.


Skill required:

1.      A Ph.D. degree in relevant disciplines from a US based institution.

2.      Prior working experience in bio-industry is preferred.

3.      Fluent in English.

4.      Good interpersonal and communication skills.

5.      Self-motivated.


Contact Info+1 800-810-0816 US/Canada

+86 400-682-2521 Asia & Pacific

1 Innovation Way, Newark, DE 19711